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Cars of the Future

cars of the future

The Cars of the Future at CES 2017

Earlier this month, the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) took place in Las Vegas, showcasing some of the most amazing technological developments of the past twelve months for the cars of the future – and demonstrating what the future looks like for the world of luxury cars.

With some incredible vehicles on show, the event offered a unique glimpse at some of the most advanced cars on the market, with features like voice control, full autonomy and even hologram technology. Here’s a little more about some of the amazing vehicles on the show:

Faraday FF 91

Introducing the Faraday FF 91 – the world’s fastest production car. This astonishing car is 100% electric and can go from 0-60mph in just 2.39 seconds! It boasts 1,050hp, and is said to be able to go 378-miles on a single charge; far higher than the mileage offered by Tesla and other innovators.

The car is also packed with exciting features like facial recognition for the driver, self-driving mode, as well as a glass roof which can turn from transparent to opaque with a simple touch. Production on this wonderful vehicle is set to start properly in 2018, with the car becoming available soon after – but it won’t come cheap!

BMWHoloactive Touch Concept

We mentioned that hologram technology was big news at CES, and this exciting new development from BMW shows why. This concept is said to be the future for all car interiors, with holograms that sit near the driver’s hands to handle features like the navigation and the sound system within the car. Tiny cameras detect finger movements and gestures, to make changing the radio station or setting a new destination easier and safer than ever before.

Panasonic Autonomous Cabin

Panasonic isn’t necessarily a name you’d associate with vehicles, but they’ve branched out into cars at this year’s CES, with a unique self-driving creation. The innovative design shows how luxury autonomous cars could eventually look, with a comfortable sofa-like seating section, a fridge, a coffee machine, and even a desk to work on (a desk which is fully interactive, by the way!). While it may be some time before a car like this actually becomes a reality (remember that self-driving cars are still in pilot phases all over the world), this is an exciting glimpse into what the future holds in terms of in-car technology.

Rinspeed Oasis

The Oasis car from Rinspeed is an exciting concept with a dazzling array of features. It has both self-driving mode and a steering wheel for manual operation, and it also responds to voice commands and hand gestures. Inside there are two seats, with a work table for passengers to enjoy during the self-drive mode. The roof can be used as a solar panel to help power the vehicle, and the windscreen can be used in an augmented reality driving mode, which can integrate everything from social updates to weather reports and a live traffic feed.

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