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London Luxury Car Hire: Top 10 Most Wanted!

Top 10 Most Wanted!

London Luxury Car Hire: Top 10 Most Wanted

Are you travelling to London? Travelling to a new city, whether for business or a holiday, is an exciting time for anyone. Why not make an exciting trip truly unforgettable with a luxury car hire! Drive around London in one of our amazing luxury vehicles, and experience the true lifestyle upgrade that comes with a luxury vehicle. From the latest 4×4’s like the Range Rover 2022 to sleek saloons like the Mercedes S500, all the way up to some of the most high-end vehicles on the market like the Rolls Royce Cullinan. To save you some time, we’ve compiled a list of our most requested London luxury car hire vehicles; check out our great selection of London luxury car rental options and make your booking today!


10. Mercedes V Class 

Mercedes V Class

Mercedes EQV

For us, the Mercedes V class is perhaps one of the most quintessential holiday hire vehicle. London has tons of these luxury vehicles, and for good reason. Over the years, we have assisted businessmen, celebrities, high-profile individuals and families in finding their ideal London luxury car hire vehicle, and more often than not a Mercedes V-Class hire vehicle makes an appearance! We find that it is the perfect choice for groups due to its perfect blend of affordability, sleekness and practicality. What’s more the brand new Mercedes EQV is an all-electric version of this model which does not incur congestion charge (and dodges high fuel prices in favour of a greener refill)!


9. Bentley Bentayga 

Luxury Car Hire Bentley Bentayga

The Bentley Bentayga is a rather unique and desirable vehicle and is the first luxury SUV to be manufactured by Bentley. Besides having a distinctly Bentley aesthetic, it is surprisingly offroad capable for a London luxury car hire vehicle. A squat stance, classic Bentley headlights, and of course fantastic luxury interiors make this an unforgettable vehicle. Will most drivers take it off-road? Probably not, but rest assured that potholes, rough roads, or gravel are easily dealt with in this luxury 4×4 rental vehicle. Interested? Find out more about Bentley Bentayga’s hire in London!


8. Mercedes S500 

Luxury Car Hire Mercedes S500

If you love the Mercedes S350, wait until you have the chance to drive the powerful and highly luxurious Mercedes S500 to hire car. We would describe this stunning London luxury rental vehicle to the Mercedes S350’s older brother- a bit more sophisticated, a bit cooler, and with more power. Make a statement on your holiday using our Mercedes S500 rental in London. 


7. Rolls Royce Ghost 

Luxury Car Hire Rolls Royce Ghost

Nothing says style and opulence like a Rolls Royce Ghost hire. Less obtrusive than the Phantom, the Ghost is nonetheless one of the more desirable (and more requested) Rolls Royces, in addition to being quite fun to drive! Seating 4 comfortably (or 5 if you squeeze 3 in the back), the Ghost is a beautiful car, instantly recognisable, and a great choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life.


6. Rolls Royce Cullinan 

Luxury Car Hire Rolls Royce Cullinan

One of the biggest entries into the luxury SUV market, the Rolls Royce Cullinan hire vehicle is an immensely desirable London luxury rental car. This powerful 4×4 is the first of its kind to be launched by Rolls Royce. The engine’s roar, the stately design, and the incredible Rolls Royce luxury demonstrate why it’s one of the leading cars available in our London luxury SUV rental services. 


5. Lamborghini Urus 

Luxury Car Hire Lamborghini Urus

Not content with rough and ready SUVs? We’ve got you covered; the Lamborghini Urus isn’t just tough, it radiates pure menace! As with the Bentayga and Cullinan, the Urus represents Lamborghini’s first foray into the 4×4 market, and quite a splashy one at that! Since its introduction, the Urus is one of the most consistently requested super SUV’s around. Make a statement with this luxury rental 4×4 when you next visit London. You will soon discover why it is a genuine super SUV. You can find out more about Lamborghini Urus hire here.


4. Mercedes G63 

Luxury Car Hire Mercedes G63

Over the years, Mercedes has been a long-time favourite manufacturer not just for our customers, but city-wide (and even worldwide); and no more so than the Mercedes G63 hire vehicle. Originally designed for military usage, the G63 (or G Wagen), its very distinctive appearance has been seen at the hottest restaurants, neighbourhoods, and destinations in London for decades. It radiates class and sophistication while still being more than capable of chewing up the off-road. Why not choose the G63 for your next London luxury car hire and see what’s kept this vehicle on everyone’s mind for so many years!


3. Range Rover Vogue LWB (2022 Model Coming Soon)

Luxury Car Hire Range Rover LWB

All Range Rovers exude elegance and class, which is why we have so many requests for these luxury Range Rover Vogue LWB hire vehicles. This beautiful car is an extended cab version of the traditional Range Rover with upgraded interiors. What’s more, the entertainment systems are upgraded with headrest televisions, high-end audio, customisable seat configurations, and of course stunning interior aesthetics. When it comes to London luxury car hire, the Range Rover Vogue LWB is one of the strongest offerings in the fleet.


2. Mercedes EQS 

Luxury Car Hire Mercedes EQS

Although this beautiful car is not available currently, we have included the Mercedes EQS rental service for our London branch. This is a fully-electric model with updated, futuristic styling. Not only will a full charge get you over 200 miles, but the updated styling will also clearly differentiate you from the standard S350. Although it’s not available until June, demand is incredibly high. The S350 is one of the most recognisable and widely-used London luxury car hire vehicles available, which is why we already have such high demand for its successor the EQS.


1. Range Rover Vogue (Range Rover 2022 Model Coming Soon) 

Luxury Car Hire Range Rover

When you get down to it, there simply is no substitute for Range Rover Vogue hire. This car is hands down our most popular vehicle for London luxury car rental, and has been a byword for luxury, celebrity, and exclusivity for decades. Feel like a celebrity as you cruise around London in the comfortable and stylish (yet still powerful) 4×4, or get some gasps as you take it off-road- perhaps where the original Vogue’s heart truly lies. Demand is always intense for new models of the Vogue, and no new model has had more interest than the 2022 version arriving in April. We can’t wait to put you into a Range Rover 2022 model soon!

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