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Cheap isn’t always cheerful.


The age old saying of ‘Cheap and cheerful’ isn’t always true. Yes, in some instances it is. Yet when it comes to the safety of yourself and those around you paying a fraction more is important. Over the last couple of months there has been a noticeable increase in the number of illegal, unlicensed road side taxi services.

What are the dangers of an unlicensed vehicle?

To start, they will offer very low rates. At first they may seem like a great deal at first, but once you look in to why they’re cheap, the idea of a good deal slowly disappears. The reason these companies can market their prices low will be that they do not pay VAT, they are not paying for suitable insurance and licenses. These licenses/insurance are created to protect you in any instance of an accident, theft etc. For what may be percieved as a ‘good price’ you are stepping into an uninsured and potentially dangerous vehicle.

How can I find out if the driver/car is licensed?

Another factor to look out for is valid insurance, indemnity and company vehicle licenses. All taxi drivers are required to display driver documents as a condition of their license. You are entitled to ask to see these. If you witness a driver not displaying documents, displaying the wrong identifiers or you suspect that they are fake, you can report this to TFL by following this link.

What is TFL doing about this?

Transport For London are currently investigating the known ‘hotspots’ for these vehicles. In order to tackle the problem and protect the safety of London, they have extended their team of compliance officers by 250+. These officers have endured an intensive training programme by being taught about legislation, vehicle standards and regulations. You will notice these officers across London daily.

What can a licensed company offer me?

Here at Season Cars, we are fully licensed and proud holders of an Operators License. When you book a vehicle with us you are guaranteed to be insured, protected and most importantly you are safe. Our driver all have years of experiance and will go above and beyond for our customers. When you book with Season Cars, you have no worries about legitimacy, safety and insurance.





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