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New Hybrid Range Rover: Luxury, Efficiency, Capability

50 years on from its inception, the 5th generation Range Rover (yes only the 5th) has already established itself as arguably the hottest SUV release of 2022, both the standard and long wheel base options are limited in their availability and it is no secret why this is the case.


Although not drastic, the exterior has undergone what has been termed ‘reductionism’.  This has elevated the car but maintained a humble modern luxury aesthetic. There has also been a nod towards aerodynamic efficiency. These upgrades include a sleek side profile akin to the Range Rover Velar with its flush door handle design. There is also a new flush aero-dynamic grill and modified headlight cluster which Range Rover say has 1.2 million mirrors.

The biggest change visibly whilst continuing the theme of reductionism, is the integrated tail lights. They now form part of sleek black ‘Range Rover’ panel which are only apparent when illuminated. It is a feature that has split the opinion of Range Rover enthusiasts but one cannot deny the defining nature of the new design.


Inside, the Range Rover is awash with an abundance of luxury finishing materials. They include wood inlays, brushed metal, and the highest quality leathers (vegan option available). In some models such as the SV there is an added luxury of a ceramic gear lever and climate controls.

The tech inside has also undergone a luxury minimalist overhaul. Digital driving displays and a 13.1 inch screen that houses all of the infotainment system lead the charge. In addition to being the first ever Range Rover to provide 7 seats with its LWB option, there has been a focus on enjoying the tailgate space with the ‘events suite’. The events suite includes speakers and downlights in the upper tailgate that can be linked to the in car media. There are also cup holders and leather seat pads so one can sit and enjoy the view of whichever rolling hill in the downs,  or more realistically, overpriced car parking space in London they’ve found themselves at.


Upfront the driving experience has undergone impressive upgrades. One of which definitely has the tight turns of city living in mind with all-wheel turning. This has reduced the turning circle by over a meter, making an otherwise very large SUV feel smaller and by extension refreshingly maneuverable.

Jaguar Range Rover have added another first in their history by providing two further drivetrain options. In addition to the already impressive diesel and petrol options, Range Rover have introduced two new hybrid options. The P440e and P510e plug ins. Both pair a 3 litre 6 cylinder petrol engine with a 38 kilowatt battery and an electric motor.

As expected, the power delivery is instant and this manifests as two quick and nimble Range Rover models. However, even more impressive is the potential to achieve a 70 mile range which is 20-30% greater than it’s closest luxury rivals, the BMW X5 and Audi Q7.

For the consumer the plug in models add an extra level of driving comfort. This is over and above the already 24% reduction in road and general exterior noise. It is also smoother and arguably more attractive for urban areas that are challenging the presence of traditionally powered high end SUV’s. These are also vital check boxes that discerning clientele are seeking as part of their driving experiences both in sales and luxury rental markets.

Waiting lists for the 2022 Range Rover fleet will take you well into 2023. If you want the anticipated fully electric version expect to wait until 2024. Consequently, many consumers are looking to luxury car rental companies lucky enough have the full fleet in hope they can be in the drivers seat of the hottest SUV’s of 2022.