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Mercedes G63 vs. Mercedes EQG

Mercedes is undoubtedly one of the trend-setters in the auto world. Mercedes-Benz is fast expanding its electric EQ lineup, with the most recent additions being the EQE sedan and the high-performance AMG variation of the EQS. These follow on the heels of the EQV and EQS, the electric versions of thee best selling V and S Classes. Soon one of Benz’s most iconic models, the G-class “G-Wagen” will be joined by an electric EQ equivalent. The future for cars is definitely electric.

The latest version of Mercedes-elegant Benz’s unique AMG G63 has been released, and there is serious buzz. The SUV gets a new interior style that seems to be lifted straight from the S-Class. This is one of the greatest things about this particular model. The ladder-frame chassis and architecture of the G-Class make it less vulnerable and more durable than vehicles with an integral body. The power steering system is also intended for off-road use.

This article is going to compare two of the most desired vehicles from Mercedes; the Mercedes G63 AMG, and the forthcoming szwMercedes EQG. The following is a brief description of what these two amazing cars are all about.

Mercedes EQG

Whether you call it the G-Wagen or the G-Wagon, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class is one of the most capable all-around cars on the market, combining luxury, status, and superb on- and off-road performance into a single iconic package. However, it is not without flaws.

One major disadvantage for the G-Wagen is, of course, fuel economy; boxy bodywork and powerful engines rarely result in efficient consumption. Mercedes-Benz stated that the G-Wagen would be the first vehicle to feature next-generation battery technology. The silicon anode chemistry batteries promise a 20-40% increase in energy density, allowing manufacturers to achieve the same range with a smaller pack or more range with a similar-size pack.

One of the pros of the G-Class is how little its iconic boxy design has changed over the years. This will continue into the electric era. According to Motortrend, the Mercedes EQG will be based on the body-on-frame architecture of the existing G-Wagen. This is one of the things to look forward to.

The EQG will have an illuminated emblem and a black panel in place of a grille like the other EQ vehicles but will otherwise look like a G-Class.

The spare tyre is commonly found on boxy, body-on-frame off-roaders such as the Ford Bronco, Jeep Wrangler, and the modern Mercedes G-Class. The Concept EQG lacks one, but it does provide a visual link to the spare wheel cover with a lockable storage box – ideal for holding the charging wire. However, a prototype tested in a Mercedes video did include a working spare tyre.

These are just some of the outstanding features of this amazing car.

Mercedes G63

The boxy, masculine exterior design has been retained, but for added flair the new model receives an AMG radiator grille with chromed twin louvres, AMG wheel-arch flaring with ‘V8 BITURBO’ logo, AMG exhaust system with twin chromed side tailpipes, 20-inch AMG five-spoke light-alloy wheels with a high-sheen finish, red-painted brake callipers, and 275/50 R 20 tyres. The exterior Stainless Steel kit that comes standard completes the overall rough-inspired look.

The Mercedes G63 AMG is driven by a 4.0-litre twin-turbo engine that produces 577bhp. The engine is paired with a new nine-speed dual-clutch transmission. The SUV can do 0 to 100kmph in 4.5 seconds with a top speed of 220kmph. This car serves the speed enthusiasts. The vehicle also now features two digital displays on the dashboard. One is for the instrument cluster, while the other is for the touchscreen system, which is running the most recent version of the MBUX operating system.

The vehicle is available with handstitched dual-tone designo leather upholstery in a number of appealing colours, including porcelain, classic red, black, light brown, sand, and titanium pearl. The German automaker also provides four distinct panel options around the gear knob.

These two cars are amazing pieces of innovation, and the G Wagen family has made a lot of people fall in love. Ultimately, the decision is between efficiency and everyday and unbridled performance As a result, choosing the best car between the two can be quite a challenge. There are worse problems to have.