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The New All Electric Mercedes EQS.

A new day a new age – Mercedes EQS

The all-new Mercedes EQS has been ordered for December. Imagine an all-new luxury car that is an electric version of the latest S-Class and at best could be described as a high-end alternative to cars such as the Tesla S model. The Mercedes EQS looks totally different from any other saloon car on sale currently, rather than a long flat bonnet and a rounded roofline like the traditional S-Class, the whole car looks like one great big curve – especially from the side.

At the front, the EQS doesn’t have a huge chrome grille like most Mercedes saloons. Instead, it gets a blanked-off trim piece like the EQC and EQA electric cars. The full-width daytime running light looks just like the one on those cars, too, and the intakes in the front bumper are pretty similar to the ones on an S-Class. Making this one of the best-looking fronts available now.

The new Mercedes EQS has one of the most futuristic interiors of any new car – especially with that full infotainment screen which runs from driver to passenger side. There’s a load of different materials options too, including some backlit glossy plastic to unvarnished wood. There are also 2 different steering wheel designs, and we will be opting for the AMG line.

A pleasure to drive, the Mercedes EQS is all set to launch by 2022. A first in class as well in the model, it is an all-electric flagship series. It empowers aerodynamic design unlike its predecessors, destined to be sleekier of all. 

A line drawer and a new era of flagship EQS have a styled exterior with an exceedingly low drag coefficient of 0.20. The curvaceous model includes a shining flat line in parallel with the long smooth arc packing the grille to the rear spoiler. 

The foremost look upon the EQS model gives you a hard hit in terms of comfort and luxury and whatnot, empowered with AI. The basic (EQS 450+) to tech-packed (EQS 580 4MATIC) versions of this EV can take you to 62 mph in a smooth couple of just 4.1 seconds. What you call that, a beast-powered version with an all-wheel drive. These two top-notch versions are more than enough for an EV with 108-kWh of battery. 

The 2022 upcoming EQS speaks itself for the owner’s elegance and luxurious taste, all-in-all with its premium sedan look. 

The interior of this mighty EQS model is available with a panoramic glass roof with heated and ventilated seats at the front. Empowered with a four-zone climate control automation, there’s also a head-up display that lets you ease yourself while driving the masterclass. What’s more, evasive steering is enhanced with steering-based avoidance for collision.   

This all-electric EQS Sedan will be the house to three displays, all-digital, under a 56-inch Hyper Screen. This fancy choice boasts is an easy pun of a luxury model with AI efficiency and accuracy at its level best! 

Those lucky enough to review the vehicle all say it has an impressive range, speed, and technology credentials, but how would the die-hard S Class fans feel about this. Let us know below.

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