Brazilian businessman buries his £310,000 Bentley

The Man Who Wanted to Bury his Bentley

Cars do funny things to people and here at Season Car we’re always looking out for those quirky stories to entertain our fans. One of our favourite makes of car is the Bentley, so when we heard about a guy deciding to bury one, it can raised a few eyebrows in the office.

You may not have heard of Thane Chiquinho Scarpa, a well to do business man from Brazil who made a bit of stir on social media recently. He owns a classy Bentley, much like the ones we have for hire at Season Car and Chauffeur Hire. They’re a pretty nice looking vehicle and Scarpa’s £300,000 Bentley Convertible is no different.

The story started by Scarpa saying he was influenced by the Pharaohs in ancient times to take his riches with him when he passed beyond this world. Quite why the 62-year-old was going to bury his favourite car before he himself was dead led to a good deal of comment and even outrage on social media.

After the entrepreneur posted a picture of his pride and joy next to a large hole in his back garden, with his foot on a shovel, the media began to take things a bit more seriously. Followers of his Twitter account began to suggest that Scarpa should sell off the car and give the money to charity rather than bury it. Another picture soon followed of the Bentley and the entrepreneur sat in an excavator. Social media exploded and Scarpa soon found himself on TV, explaining to the general public at large the real reason why he was burying his car.

There’s no doubt that Scarpa is a little on the eccentric side. He has no family and seems to be closer to his cockatoo and Bentley than anything else, but there was finally some method in his madness. While many on social media were scathing about this waste of money and extravagance, Scarpa told them that it was all for a good cause.

The entrepreneur was raising awareness about organ donation. His point is that every day we bury something far more important than a luxury car. With so many people waiting desperately for various transplants, we are still burying people with vital organs that could change and even save someone’s life. Needless to say, the Bentley wasn’t buried. But awareness was raised.

At Season Car this filled us with a huge sense of relief. The Bentley is a beautiful car. We know because we have a number of models for hire and it’s one of the most popular cars with our customers. In fact, we’ve got exactly the same model as Mr Scarpa, the Bentley Flying Spur which is one of the most prestigious luxury cars that you can ever wish to drive. We’ve also got the Bentley Mulsanne and the Bentayga if you want something a little different.

If you’re looking for a luxury car hire that delivers all the comfort and style you deserve, check out our fleet of Bentley Hire Cars today. Of course, we’re happy to hire one out, as long as you don’t try to bury it like Mr Scarpa!